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About Opulent


What is opulent to you? Is it ritz and glamour, is it high-end and sleek, or is it a minimalist approach that allows the unique materials to draw all the attention? Whatever you define your opulence as, we are here to help you achieve that vision for your home or business. 

Opulent Building and Construction is a Perth based building company dedicated to bringing your vision of opulence to life.  We understand that each individual has their own unique version of opulence, which we strive to bring to life when creating your unique living sanctuary or business space that speaks quality and individuality. 


Our Managing Director has many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the building and construction industry and looks forward to helping you achieve your build with quality and professional workmanship that speaks your opulence!


Our  Services


New Residential Building 

Commercial Construction

Renovations &


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